One Avatar to rule them all

Once upon a time I was thinking in replacing both Mamnuts' and Pytalker's auth scheme with OpenID (and subsequently, change the auth scheme in Selva and maybe in Portugal Virtual). One of the reasons I didn't do it was that I thought that something way bigger was going to happen soon: and all was sort of confirmed when HiPiHi aimed to establish standards for 3D Virtual Worlds, about what they said they're going to talk about in the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo.

Yesterday news came of yet another announcement to be made, in paralel, in the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo: IBM and Linden Lab joined together [1] to help defining a “a truly interoperable 3D Internet” by the means of creating a way for avatars to migrate from one world to another.

The thing is, lot's of news sources talked about one effort and then other, but when you take all the hype and buzzwords out of what's being said you just see one thing: both of them want to make one sort of "OpenID for Avatars" (which must have more info than just an username and a password, we're not talking here of using the same credencials to access your avatar in any VW, but using the same avatar in every VW), and maybe something else.

In conclusion, this is, allways, good news. Even if it's only a "OpenVirtualID", it is great. But let's first wait until the real news come out from those lucky attending to the Expo, and then we'll talk particularities... I'm quite afraid of having already two groups not working together while both aiming the same thing... Caos might arise.

[1] - http://tinyurl.com/2mdp2y