Blogs, Social Networks and Podcasts: Corporate Communications 2.0

These are the notes I took at Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2007

Telekom Austria and myheimat.de think that corporate bloging must be global and external:
* global as in everyone must write, not just CEO's or something
* external as in you must interact with your readers, you shouldn't write only for your company or something, but globally (just like a personal blog) -- you might of course scale, like start with one area and then expand and expand
* you should have guts and talk about anything, even bad about your clients :-P
* of course with this, corporate culture is going to change, but isn't it great? In the end, you must turn into a better company
* maybe the blogosphere isn't the best place to talk about certain stuff
* people should understand blogging before engaging into this
* you must know how to handle with huge traffic (and comments, trolls, spam and so on) - this can be solved with a social network instead of just "blogs", and even with blogs you could try to do something like /.
* if there are other forums or fan-stuff about you, use that, more prioriatily than creating your own blog platform...

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