Mobile in Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Mobile to Web and Back: Designing for People

Great presentation, this guy really knows how to say what I think about mobile :-) Mobile's the future, not because it is a trend but because that's what makes sense... I really need to take this guy (Kwame Ferreira) to Portugal and speak about this, maybe you'll have more news about it soon :-)

The Impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms Industry

This could be an interesting presentation, but after the previous one I cannot think any other word to describe it but "boring". Also, this guy doesn't really grasp where's the value for mobile operators. He thinks that when a user takes a picture with a mobile phone and automaticly sends it to flickr, operators have nothing to win with it. He calls this a problem and thinks that people shouldn't have the content to migrate from the Operator to the interweb... something like "as a user I love it, as an operator I hate it"... I really think that Operators should love it too! His problem is simply that he divides "Mobile Internet" from "Internet", and both are the same. Wake up!

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