What Happens To Print as the Web Rises

Features people want about in news websites (this works for newspapers and tv's):

  • Blogs

  • community blog (blogs for users)

  • article Comments

  • blog comments

  • Blogroll

  • Video

  • Podcasting

  • Social Bookmarkting

  • mobile

  • most popular

  • registration(they don't like registration, I mean)

  • ratings

  • social networking

  • User Generated Content

  • RSS

  • RSS per Category

  • Message Boards

  • Full RSS stories

Wow, now a new model: user generated content (news), they liked the article so they bought the article to the user (yes, they PAIED for it), they edited and published... Too bad it is a german site O:-)


  1. You mention it is a german company and yet you give us no link comeon

  2. I'm sorry... I did it because there's not way I could register on time the URL, so I don't know it myself... But if this interests you, you should check out this blog post and even contact him...