Tuesday on Web 2.0 Berlin 2007

I didn't take notes in everything, but here are the notes I took Tuesday morning...

From Forums to Communities

7 keys to building a successful web 2.0 site
* Close contact to the community and optimum support for your users
* Be innovative: Create features that encourage users to return often (release often)
* Markets are conversations: offer space and reasons for discussions (create the means and the motivation)
* Go viral! Unconventional actions create new links to your service
* Be present
* Do it because you believe in it

People follow bsssss, but they follow (more and more easily) great ideas

Be open, keep it simple, do not spam (obvious, but people usually forget this)

creating "web events" are more simple and effective than creating "web communities"

Metaverse Marketing: Games and Virtual Worlds in Product Promotion

http://www.pelicancrossing.com/inDualityInfo.htm <- IBM VW's "universal client"

* Investing in VWs is doing what your users will want soon
* What can be done?

  • create an avatar (act of self-expression, comparing to personalization of myspace profiles, for instance)

  • they (avatars) communicate with others (compared to twitter and other communication web20 tools)

  • avatars create content (like in web 2.0, once again, people have tools and use them to easily create content)

  • they do things together and share a social experience (there's no comparison in web 2.0, so this is what makes the difference) - this remembers me an earlier talk about how web isn't using "space" but "time", so VWs have an extra "feature"

* How to do it?

  • Don't just "link"

  • find the approaches you can realize within a VW that you can't do any other way, and experiment with them

  • Communicate with your comunity... face to face

  • give residents something to do (crowdsourcing, involve them directly, they're _there_

  • provide them possibilities to have shared experiences with your brand

* advertising

  • it works in VWs but not if you just link to a website

  • you have to keep avatars inworld

  • advertise your inworld activities

* measuring stuff (you can measure a lot of stuff, you can even know what they want...)
* strategy for VWs is similar to strategy for Web 2.0

There's a lot of privacy issues in Virtual Worlds, lots of stuff that scares me. What scares me the most, perheps, is that most people don't see nothing wrong in all this issues. As one person said here, most people don't/won't see VWs as "being online", they see it as "being somewhere", so they assume to have the same set of privacy settings... If one person buys a house and goes there with someone, he assumes his conversation isn't being logged. This works IRL, so it's what's expected in a VW...

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