My trip to Berlin in 10 little items

berlin semaphores

  1. Berlin first impressions: it's great to be a walker there;
  2. 15 Portuguese people on Web 2.0 Expo Berlin, that I know of;
  3. Berlin's public transports are great, but it's somewhat hard to get used to them;
  4. The idea that Portuguese hospitals are a lot worse than other European countries isn't quite true: they are worse but not that much;
  5. You have to love Berlin's traffic lights;
  6. German people have something against double beds, maybe it's something that comes from Jewish traditions?
  7. I hoped that music there was cheaper, but that's not quite true: average price at 17.50 €. On the other hand, every store is better than any music Portuguese music store I know of regarding stock quality. Plus, they have quite a lot more percentage of stuff in vinyl;
  8. Movies and Books, specially books, are obscenely cheap there, comparing to Portugal. And their bookshops' are awsome. And it seems that adiobooks is the next big thing there...
  9. If you're to go there, remember: go to the DDR museum and the cinema museum. If to choose one of those, choose the first.
  10. It was great being there, and mind-thrilling too. There's a lot of new stuff gereminating in my mind... You might see the results sometime.