Bahing Micro$oft

WARNING: In this post I bash Micro$osft, since they suck, and, besides, they really really suck. Oh, they SO suck!

  • Microsoft has pushed back the beta Test of their upcoming Internet Explorer 7, which was expected to be released today.

  • The XBox 360 apparently has heat issues and is crashing a lot for some users.

  • Microsoft is losing quite some money with each XBox 360 unit sold - they are aggressively trying to obtain market share.

  • "Vista" was stripped of all the interesting features, apparently all that is left is a prettier UI with tons of effects (and requring a DirectX 9 capable graphics board).

  • "Windows Live" and "Office Live" (which are neither Windows nor Office) don't live up to their names either: They are just web-based add-ons, even supporting Firefox, and offering pretty much the same as Yahoo and other portals do as well as an online version of SharePoint.

  • The new office version of Microsoft fancies again mostly a new UI, that will be very different and probably confuse users a lot (especially if they have to alternate between office versions); Microsoft also has the reputation of breaking it's own file format again and again; the new office will use an incompatible file format again. The UI also doesn't help people to give their documents a more semantic meaning (for efficient processing by automatic tools such as desktop search engines), but will be more visually-oriented than ever (i.e. styles such as "headline" which do add a semantic meaning are degraded as "quick styles", whereas the bold- and underline buttons are more prominent than ever - good bye, corporate design!)

  • The WiFi network at Microsoft is now powered by Linux

Thanks Eric.


  1. Uzume7:31 PM

    I test software that interfaces with parts of the Vista OS for my job and let me tell you Vista is no picnic (even RC1! which is supposed to become product for corporate in 2006-11 and public product in 2007-01).

  2. What do you mean with "is no picnic"? Sorry, I don't know that expression...

  3. Uzume2:23 PM

    Sorry. After i wrote that I imagined you might not understand that. A picnic is usually supposed to be a fun event. Vista is a pain in the ass to work with. I highly recommend you avoid it in terms of trying to get any real work done (at least until it matures *alot*--like maybe the next OS version though huge service packs might be enough--depending..).

  4. Oh, it was just to be sure you were sync'd with me: Windows Vista will suck harder than XP does. I'm glad to be a happy Linux user...