So Long, Sanity

As you can see with my WishList's update, I've already got Scarling.'s "So Long, Scarecrow" (the day before yesterday), and John 5's "Songs for Sanity".

On Scarling.'s release, I have to say I was really surprised, since this CD is quite different from "Sweet Heart Dealer". Which came out to be good: it's more mellow and less agreessive, has nothing of "Jack off Jill", and you don't get those aggressive voices I like in songs suck as "Black Horse, Riding Star" from the previous album, but you get a really more mature album: both technicly and lyricly. Darker then ever, this is a 5 starts album.

But then, we have Songs for Sanity. This album has 12 tracks of this awsome guitar player, John 5. If you are a guitar player or a guitar lover, stop reading this and go fetch this album. Now. Are you still here? This album has Steve Vai appearence. Yes, fanboy, go and fetch it. Now, for those not so "guitar-fans", this is a great album with a BIG MISTAKE. OK, John 5 does lot's of appearences in lot's of other bands CD's, he has his own rock band (Loser, which I don't like), and still this "John 5" projecto, where he puts all his music he does by himself: his one-man-band. So far so good, and I realise that this is lot's of work already, but the big mistake he does is to have one "one-man-band" instead of two. Because you have two albums in one in the "Songs for Sanity": an heavy metal album, with 7 tracks (1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 11, 12) and one non-metal album with 5 tracks (the others). Which makes a non-guitar fan think seriously before buying the album (or not). I really think that Songs of Sanity Metal tracks are awsome, and I would buy the 7-songs CD by itself, but I just don't like the other five tracks. And I'm sure there are people out there with the opposite oppinion. Worse, if the next album comes in the same vein, I won't buy it without listening to all of it. I would rather that that seven tracks in one CD that have all these: making me skip some tracks is the same as making me listen to this CD fewer times than I would if I was only getting the seven metal tracks.

Well, and now that I've ranted about my new musical aquisitions, I'll stop and start eagering for the new Mindless Self Indulgence CD, which import is already in Lisbon, so I guess I'll have it soon...

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