OK Go criticizes DRM and Sony

I dodn't know OK Go, and now that I'm listening to them with their audio stream in their website, I don't really like their sound... But I surely like their points of view: New York Times has piece on them, where they say stuff like

The truth is that the more a record gets listened to, the more successful it is. This is not just our megalomania, it's Marketing 101: the more times a song gets played, the more of a chance it has to catch the ear of someone new. It doesn't do us much good if people buy our records and promptly shelve them; we need them to fall in love with our songs and listen to them over and over. A record that you can't transfer to your iPod is a record you're less likely to listen to, less likely to get obsessed with and less likely to tell your friends about.

Quite interesting reading.

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