PyTalker v0.1.5 finally out

For those thinking that, because I've created Mamnuts, I wasn't interested in keeping the development of PyTalker... You were damn wrong.

Version 0.1.5 of PyTalker is out, and you should feel free to try it...

After several months of having the project stalled, it's maintainers have no real time to develop it but me, which am now the Project Leader, Main Coder and Website maintainer.

This release adds user registration and autentication. Passwords are stored in plaintext at the moment, but v0.1.6 will have them encrypted as they should be and a .password command to change the password. Keep on checking, because v0.1.6 won't take as long (I hope) to be released as this version was...

For those clueless about what's PyTalker, PyTalker is a free open-source implementation of a talker environment, in the command-driven style of NUTS, and written in Object-Oriented Python.

BTW, making this post made me be really surprised to see that Wikipedia's talker description was quite improoved, and it's now quite better than it was... Great job!

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