Cellphone bug

OK, this is by far the worst bug I've found on my Motorola C650 cellphone.

I've already found some, but on the other hand I really like the phone, and Motorola phones in general. But this... this... I've just got mad. I really thought that my cell phone was broken. Hey, Motorola, IF I WANTED TO REBOOT MY FUCKING CELLPHONE, I WOULD BUY SOMETHING WITH WINDOWS! Damn you!

So, it seems that, with this cellphone, once your mobile phone has all messages memory completely full, it stops recieving messages. Now, since he tells you you have memory full, what do you do? Delete some messages until the memory is far from full. Of course that, if you only do that, you end up with a big headache, and, if your week is already being a pain in the ass, you'll start feeling like shooting anyone, or everybody. Why? Because until you don't restart your cellphone (I don't have a fucking clue why), you won't be able to send or recieve messages. Furthermore, you'll loose all messages sent to you in that period. EVERY GODDAMNED MOTHERFUCKING MESSAGE!

I'm PISSED OFF. And I'll buy another cellphone soon.

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