PearLyrics: surprising good news

I told you earlier about PearLyrics, a program that grabs on the web the lyrics for the musics you're listening to, and how Warner/Chappell Music Limited made his developer cease to distribute and develop his program.

But now...

The goal of Warner/Chappell's prior letter to pearworks was to gain assurance that pearLyrics operated according to those principles. However, in both tone and substance, that letter was an inappropriate manner in which to convey that inquiry. Warner/Chappell apologizes to Walter Ritter and pearworks.

Our solution will adhere to our shared belief that songwriters must be fairly compensated for their work and that legitimate web sites with accurate lyrics must not be undermined by unlicensed web sites.

We look forward to working together, and to helping to advance the evolution of the music industry cooperatively for the benefit of consumers and artists alike.

This MIGHT be good news, PearLyrics MIGHT be able to be developed and freely distributed as it was. But this can be other things too, so let's wait and see... I'm slightly afraid that this will mean a better PearLyrics, but a non-free one. And that would really suck.

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