TOTAL Fan Service

This is totally fucking unbelivable. I was shocking while watching a video of the game, here's a screenshot:

This is a sreenshot taken from the greatest fucking genious way of fan service I've ever heard of. Really. It's not fanboys creating hentai to their favourite manga characters, no...

A doujin soft group calling themselves “Game Programming Study Club” has created the most Japanese fighting game EVER. 行殺! Spirits (”Line-Kill Spirits”) is a 3D fighting game that features little girls beating up on each other; nothing new there. The kicker, however, is that any damage you do to your opponent will slowly regenerate unless… wait for it… you take a picture of her panties. Yes. A fighting game where panty-shots are the core mechanic.

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  1. Uzume7:25 PM

    *laughs* I am unsurprised. This is very typical of Japanese culture.