iPhone vs. Motorola E1

This is quite funny, since my cellphone, Motorola E1, is broadly considered as a piece of crap. Yet, here is a comparison:

FeatureMotorola E1Apple iPhone
Price$134.00 (price varies from store to store, this was the first price I've found), unblockedYou can't buy it unblocked, $500 for AT&T
Dimensions (small phones fit better in your pocket)108 x 46 x 20.5 mm, 89 cc115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weigth (the lighter the better)107 g
135 g
Set your own music as a ringtoneOf course
Records video
Screen gets smudgy with usage during a couple of minutes
Er, yes
If the battery starts getting way to used you...
...go to a store near you and buy another one
...send your phone to Apple
Regarding to getting software
I install here what I want and can even develop stuff.
Software? Well, I might be able to buy stuff to Apple if they release it...

Q: Are you serious? You're comparing the hyped iPhone with a Motorola E1, for real?
A: Yes. I have an old cheap cellphone that is better than iPhone, and I wouldn't change.

Q: Huh... Now, for real...
A: For real? I instaled an SSH client in my cellphone that I often use. Can't do with an iPhone. I'm a MMS sender and reciever. Can't do with an iPhone. I often use my cellphone as a modem. Can't do with an iPhone.

Don't confuse this as an iPhone-hate blog post: it really isn't. Is just that after my yesterday's post some people thought I was kind of mean with it. This post just gives you some reasons why the iPhone isn't suitable for me.