Interesting MMO links

Back to a day of links, but today I'm going refer some links about MMO's (Massively multiplayer online games):

First thing in the morning, here at work, I had two co-workers laughing while reading this article that tries to compare games and movies, in the stand of "why do we have B movies, and obviously B movies fans, but there's no such thing as B games?". And, well, while his article is preety funny (as he is somewhat masochistic), there are some really pertinent points there (starting by the fact that he's right on the fact that there are B movies but not B games). In some facts, it remembered me of some stuff I wanted to research more about, and that Clive Barker gave me some apetitizers for, with his recent speech at Hollywood and Games (a reading that I also really recommend). For those who're wondering, Clive Barker is both a B movies producer, a writer and games author.

But on my e-mail and feeds I also had more good readings: not only we get GOD (Richard Bartle, MUDs creator) to talk about MMO's and bashing WoW (heck, the title cites him saying "I'd close World of Warcraft!"), we also get an article the big names in the MMO creation world. Finaly, Bounty Bay Online is now in an Open Beta phase, so go ahead if you want to check it out, please tell me if wine runs it...

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