Fedora 8 roadmap

I'm a Debian user and fan, but, unfortunately, I also have to deal a lot with Fedora. In January, when the roadmap of Fedora 7 came out, I did (I think) my first positive post about Fedora. It had some nice new things, and I really hoped that Fedora 7 would be better than FC6. I was wrong, and Fedora 7 quite sucks, being an unstable pain in the ass. Since Fedora 8 is planned to be out there already in November, what I really wanted to see on their roadmap and wanted features list was a lot of items for stabilization, bug hunting and stuff like that. Damn, an usable FC7, since, at the moment, FC7 won't run certain scenarios where FC6 works. Yet, instead of that, here's the expected Fedora 8 feature list, which I'll break up into several groups:

Nice, but shouldn't be a priority at all:
  • Better startup
  • Bigboard
  • Fedora 8 Bookmarks
  • RSyslog
  • No more XFS
  • XULRunner
Stuff I'm happy they are working on:
  • Codec Buddy
  • KDE 4
  • Network Manager
  • Pulse Audio
  • Presto
  • TeXLive 2007
Stuff they really need to focus on:
  • Virtual Security
  • Policy Kit
  • Improved support for using Fedora on Laptops
Too bad that there are so few items in the last group of stuff comparing to the other too. Also, and by taking a look at the release date and the number of opened bugs, I think that they well could postpone the first group of items for Fedora 9, and concentrate on implementing well the other ones, as well as fixing up the Fedora 7 mess...


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Fedora is Gnome, if you want KDE 4 try Mandriva or Suse or Debian (more or less).

  2. Unfortunately they keep insisting that they support both, but then their KDE packages have a really poor quality... But hey, the KDE4 requisite is not mine, they're the ones planing a release with it!

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    A Debian user complaining about Fedoras lack of laptop support. Now _thats'_ funny. Atleast Fedora 7 worked with my wlan out of the box, debian works with exactly nothing on the same box.

  4. You completely misread my comment. I'm not complaining about Fedora's support (or lack of) for laptops, I only said that it should be a priority against some other items they have in the roadmap... And remember that the laptops issue was rised by the Fedora team and not by me. What I really think should be the focus is bug-fixing: I would be glad to have Fedora 8 with exactly the same stuff that Fedora 7 has, but working... Fedora 7 is so unstable that reminds me FC2.