July 05, 2007

Debian Social Contract turns 10

One of the things that makes me so happy to be a Debian user (better, makes me happy with the fact that Debian exists) is the Debian Social Contract, that today turns 10 years old. So, why do I like it? What's Debian Social Contract? Well, it is a statement about Debian and what it aims. It's, er, a "promise" to society. It basicly says:
  • Debian is 100% free software, and will allways be. We'll have non-free software, but never depend on it, so it's painfully easy to have a 100% free OS using Debian;
  • Debian works with upstream. This basicly means that when Debian changes or fixes stuff, tries allways to help the programs it is modifying. Free Software is not about competing, is about collaboration;
  • Debian does not hide problems;
  • Debian's top priorities are Free Software and Users.
OK, it says a lot more than this, but these are the key points for me.

At this day I give a BIG Thanks to all the Debian community: thanks to you we're builiding the best Operating System ever.

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