Microsoft Zune already has 150 users!

Despite the number of Microsoft Zune owners being huge (and increasing, since if you're a Microsoft employee you can't have anything but a Zune), they are known for opening the Zune box, throwing out all the crap inside (making it empty), and then putting their favourite music player (or three) inside of Zune's box. But with the "exciting" news of the new Microsoft Zune sharing model, it seems that Zune has now 126 new users (even if they didn't sell not even one more Zune, so it must have been Microsoft employees), reaching the fantastic number of 150 users. And, like any technology crippled with DRM with 150 or more users, it's DRM got scared and cracked up. Analists are discussing the possibility that the great hacker that managed to crack Zune's DRM system (by changing one bit from 1 to 0) might be in fact a Microsoft employee, in order to get even more fame for the Zune thingy. Microsoft expect to reach 500 users until the end of the millenium.


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    im 44 y/o and have a zune i love it like i do my music cant get enuff of it

  2. You're weird... Did you take a look into the alternatives?

  3. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Lets go to Google trends for some geeky fun. Using it, one sees that the zune did drum up some publicity, but not enough compared to the Great Shrinking One.
    Its also interesting as to how Net
    search seem to be equivalent to sales.
    most cited mp3 players out of 2007