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It's great, yet odd, to have a geek girlfriend. It's awsome to know that she likes Linux so much, even if she got a Mac (a decision she regrets, BTW). It's preety cool that she likes KDE, and it's awsome to have someone showing you you're not wrong thinking that KDE (or Linux in general) is better than Mac OS in terms of usability (even if the overall oppinion is otherwise). It's great to hear her saying "damn, why the hell there aren't good Mac OS programs like there are for Linux?" and knowing she's truthful when she says so - to the point of wanting to install KDE, or at least Konqueror, in her Mac. It turns scary, 'tho, when you read what is she doing to achieve her objective: she effectively not only tried to use KDE 4 (way too buggy nowadays, are you crazy?), but she tried it on a Mac (my hero!). Don't get me wrong - KDE 4 is AWSOME, and I can't wait for it to be released. But NOW? It's impossible to work with it yet!

Of course that I have to defend my manhood (hehe ;-)) when she is obvious mocking me in that blog post, so, I have to say that while I find preety joyful and funny to see a Mac owner wanting to turn it into a PC to use it with a real Operating System and Desktop Environment, what's really funny is to see the vices Mac OS already made her have: how would you react when you see someone panicking while using your laptop with Debian and KDE, after copying some stuff from a pen drive to the hard disk, and then wanting to unmount the pen... and, after some seconds of puzzlement, she tells "How the hell do I unmount the pen? Move it to trash?" :-D


  1. Well is it a vice depending on features introduced by the Apple usability team? I mean, unmounting (any) drive in OSX is rather logical, even more so than windoze (which requires going to the systray)...

  2. It is a vice. While I think that "moving a device icon to trash" is better then "going to systray", when a user is looking to a icon with a menu attached, that has an option called "unmount", and still the user asks if, to unmount, she needs to move the icon to trash... we don't really have lack of usability here, but a vice ;-)

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    well... humpf! ok, ok it's a vice :-)