iPhone vs. Motorola E1

This is quite funny, since my cellphone, Motorola E1, is broadly considered as a piece of crap. Yet, here is a comparison:

FeatureMotorola E1Apple iPhone
Price$134.00 (price varies from store to store, this was the first price I've found), unblockedYou can't buy it unblocked, $500 for AT&T
Dimensions (small phones fit better in your pocket)108 x 46 x 20.5 mm, 89 cc115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weigth (the lighter the better)107 g
135 g
Set your own music as a ringtoneOf course
Records video
Screen gets smudgy with usage during a couple of minutes
Er, yes
If the battery starts getting way to used you...
...go to a store near you and buy another one
...send your phone to Apple
Regarding to getting software
I install here what I want and can even develop stuff.
Software? Well, I might be able to buy stuff to Apple if they release it...

Q: Are you serious? You're comparing the hyped iPhone with a Motorola E1, for real?
A: Yes. I have an old cheap cellphone that is better than iPhone, and I wouldn't change.

Q: Huh... Now, for real...
A: For real? I instaled an SSH client in my cellphone that I often use. Can't do with an iPhone. I'm a MMS sender and reciever. Can't do with an iPhone. I often use my cellphone as a modem. Can't do with an iPhone.

Don't confuse this as an iPhone-hate blog post: it really isn't. Is just that after my yesterday's post some people thought I was kind of mean with it. This post just gives you some reasons why the iPhone isn't suitable for me.


  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Isn't this a lot of work just to say that the iPhone is not for you ?

    < /k

  2. Yeah you can install (mostly) all stuff on the E1, but at least on mine (i don't use it anymore) certain features for bluetooth are disabled. Great.

    Oh and regarding ssh check this out:

  3. Koko: yeah, it almost seems like I have too much free time, right?

    robsan: while is preety cool to hack your own cellphone, it's not that cool the fact that you have to do it. Plus, I would be quite concerned about the security of my cellphone after doing that. Finaly, I was talking about an SSH client and not a server: your link talks about how to SSH into your iPhone, not about how to use your iPhone to SSH somewhere else.

  4. Yeah i know, but that will open the door to easy cross-compilation of utils and since the kernel is unix-based there will be lots of software available. That said, i probably won't buy an iPhone, heck, i have a N70 and sometimes i think it's overkill for what i do with it...