OOXML in Portugal

Basicly, the final decision was postponed to a later meeting, in the end of the month. Let me remark the fact that representatives of Sun and IBM didn't attend to it because there were no chairs for them. Yup, it goes THAT far. But not all is lost, the fight is yet not over. I'm not going to write more about this issue today, but let me quote a comment on the chair's issue:

Specially since this isn’t true. For seating people there were seats enough for almost 30 people, but they chose to steer away one of the most important big companies in terms of open standards.

They further refused representativity to universities, libraries, and other entities that care a lot more for structured documents than Primavera or Jurinfor, Microsoft parners, or most ASSOFT registered companies.

Microsoft alone wasted three seats. ASSOFT wasted two more, business partners of Microsoft wasted a few more spots.

The President, Microsoft representative, tried to shut me up twice. At the second attempt I accomplished my promise of speaking louder if I had to in order to be heard, refusing to be cut off.

Rui is writting at this moment a more extensive review of what happened there, so soon you'll be able to know all the sordid details here.

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