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Here's a couple of links...

About OpenMoko, the free cellphone framework, did you know that OpenMoko is now a company? Also, their first phone, Neo 1973, is going to be released next July 9th! YAY!

Moving to music-related links, seems that Belgium ISP's have to block their users from downloading illegal stuff, since it seems that "P2P experts" told in court that that's feasable, which obviously isn't. I wonder when a counter-process will start, with ISP's there saying in court that it's just impossible to do what they want. In the business area, seems that EMI stockholders might not being interested on selling out to Terra Firma. Last but not least, Mako wrote a piece on DRM.

Finaly, on tech, ASUS is going to split into three different companies. These guys make the best motherboards and laptops I know of.


  1. Regarding Asus, that used to be true. not anymore. I had several Asus motherboards and in terms of performance they lose to a lot of other competitors like Abit.

    As for the laptops, I had one Asus S5N and now I have an Apple Macbook and, IMHO, the Macbooks wins hands down in terms of everything: look and feel, software, design details, etc..

  2. As a matter of fact I'm completely aside desktop/server hardware for some years now, so yeah, probably you're right about the motherboards part :-)

    Regarding laptops, Apple laptops are a big no-no for me: it's my oppinion that it's kind of silly to buy an Apple laptop to run an Operating System other than Mac OS, and I don't like Mac OS.

  3. Well, my Apple laptop runs Windows and Linux aside of Mac OS X pretty fine.

  4. Yeah, but would you consider buying an Apple laptop if you were going to run there only Linux? I don't...

  5. Well, of course. Apple hardware still looks cooler that anything else, IMHO :-)

  6. Er, well... I don't actually choose a laptop "because it is cool", but in the coolness factor no Apple laptop can beat this Asus laptop (IMHO, 'course).

    Then, I think you probably mistaken and wanted to say "becaise it is hot" :-P As a matter of fact, I don't think that they're well designed: they aren't really "laptops" since if you have one sitting on your lap you're get burned, and they have some problems that gets me irated, like, for instance, the fact that they never did good power chargers even if they by now know that they suck since every laptop model they release have huge problems with those (since bad contact to internal combustion)... Nah, even if they were not from Apple (which is one factor that makes me not even consider them - but that's another story) I wouldn't get one...

  7. Well, as for being hot (I got the pun :-) I must say it was not the "coolest" laptop I've owned but it's quite bearable to have it over your lap. I never got a burn. The cool thing is you don't have or hear any fans. With my Asus S5N I had a fan blowing over my right hand. That was quite a poor design decision to put a fan on the right side of the laptop.

    What problem exactly do the chargers have? I never noticing anything and the battery is performing pretty well too. Oh, and you can easily pack the power charger.

  8. Anonymous7:24 AM

    All Asus notebook owners I know had problems in less than a year... But here in PT they have good specs and are reasonably priced.

    Motherboards are still doing OK, though.

  9. @Mario:

    Maybe you're just lucky with your Apple laptops, or maybe I only know people with bad Apple laptops... But - really - I've already burnt myself with one, several times.


    The only Asus laptops going dead that I know of, including mine, were all from "hard drive died". Mine was, but only more than three years after I had it. I also saw one "broken monitor", after an hard disk replacement, but I can't get convinced that it wasn't a bad use issue - not like Compaq's used to be...