Keep the iPhone away


For the first time I was quite near an iPhone: something like 4 meters from it. It's an horrible experience. People aglomerate around it, get excited, talk loudly, drool over, force you to put your headphones louder, and tempts you to drop that piece of code you didn't want but got anyway into your wireless network. The fuss passes as the iPhone moves along, to recieve more drool from other people on its way. What stays is the incredible number of people mumbling stuff like "I want one of those things", even if they didn't really had the change to see what they could, and specially could not, do with it.

Sighting, I just wish: "I hope this damn thingie never arives here in Portugal".

I have a blog post thought to be written about this gadget for a long time - it urges now to be written and published.