A Night in Clear

The CD has stopped a long time ago. It was too hot to think. The body was too awake to sleep. My eyes opened and saw the moon, full, grinning at me. I listened to the nature sounds, defying the window's isolation, calling me. So I stood up, walking list I was asleep, and went towards the piano. The eyes shut up, but the several buttons were well too known to my fingers, so the gestures were automaticly made to turn it on, and suddenly I started playing, improvising. I was not at home - there was no home. I was playing and the nature was my stage. and the fingers kept moving and moving, the call of nature was being replied with the notes and energy that kept flowing out of me. Suddenly my legs felt week, I went again to bed but the music was still playing. One eye peeks and the moonlight was replaced by sudden rays of sun. I felt good, and ready to sleep. But it was already a night in clear.

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