IceWeaselWhile IE users (yes, it seems that there are people that still use that crap) are slightly pissed off because IE 7 won't be released today after all (but it will be this month), GNU folks are working on the IceLizard: as you might know with so much talking lately Mozilla's software isn't that free (yup, free also includes "free to change and redistribute without having to submit patches that will hardly be reviewed to already upstream unsupported versions of the software") and so real free forks are comming over.

We'll have: IceWeasel to replace Firefox, IceDove to replace Thunderbird and IceApe to replace SeaMonkey. I can't wait to have an IceApe installation, but I really see IceWeasel to be easilly replaced by Flock as soon as a stable version of it comes out... They seem to be wiser than Mozilla Foundation on the demands and be able to be compliant with things like the DSFG.