The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

LaTeXThe Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e is a freely available online GPL'd book and a big reference among the reference books on LaTeX. It's first version was written in 1995, and the first Portuguese version "Uma não tão pequena introdução ao LaTeX", was written in 2001. This year the Portuguese book saw a printed edition (the black book at the photo) which is being sold for 3€ (to pay the expenses), and - such a good book at such a low price - I got one today (yes, that picture is of my copy, the book behing it is the proceedings of YAPC::EU::2005, that I also got today).

Now, I've already read the english version a couple of times, but having this on paper is sweet, and I took a look at it (I count on reading it all, of course), but I've found some issues in several places and reported them, which lead to... a contribution from me! So, if another issue of this book comes to be printed*, my name will bne on it! ;-)

Not this is the first or the second Portuguese article/paper/book about LaTeX that has my name on it...
* a second, updated, edition on paper now exists, here.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    And thanks for the corrections. The book was "one way translated", that means, I translated from the beginning to the end, without rereading it. So, a lot of bugs should exist. It is true that other reviewers read all but book, but the more eyes pass on it, the more bugs will be fixed.

    Also, as Tobias Oetiker and friends continue updating the book, to make diffs between English versions and change the Portuguese version is complicated, which leads a lot of times to incoherences.

    So, comments are welcome. And, yes, your name will be added to the thanks list.