Written on saturday, offline

I woke up with my neighbours awfull music, so I standed up, still sleeping, and moved myself to one of my CD shelves and then to my laptop, so I could listen to some ThanatoSchizO. After that, Poema Arcanus, and after that Dvar, and after that Merankorii. This is one of the things I like the most on doing Merankorii: I'm creating music that sometimes it's the music I /have to/ listen. It's awsome to feel this - that I create music that has the ability to mark the listener: at least markes me as a listener, and - sorry - but that's what is more important.

BTW, ThanatoSchizO was "Mel├ęgnia", their EP under the name of Thanatos; Poema Arcanus was some of the first tracks of Arcane XIII, Dvar was some random tracks from Rakhilim, and from Merankorii a track that has yet to be released, in Merankorii's next album.

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