PyTalker 0.1.7 is out

PyTalker is a free open-source implementation of a talker environment, in the command-driven style of NUTS, and written in Object-Oriented Python.

Please read the News section to know the latest developments of PyTalker and use the Downloads section to download PyTalker's sources or binaries.

You can also take a look on our RoadMap to get an idea of what we're willing to do.
Soon we'll have more documentation available on the site.

There's a mailing list to which you may want to subscribe, at pytalker-devel at talkerspt.no-ip.org. If you want to contact the developers of PyTalker please send an e-mail to pytalker at talkerspt.no-ip.org.

Today I've released
version 0.1.7 of PyTalker is out! Try it...
As promised, this version adds SHA512 support, which basicly means that now user passwords are encrypted. Take in consideration that this version requires Python 2.5.

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