Updating from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 5

I lookeed for this on the web yesterday, and didn't find out the info I needed, so I'm posting this here in hopes that I might help somebody in a similar situation. Since today FC6 is out there, I guess that many people will be looking, like me, to update their FC4 to FC5. If, while doing it (via yum upgrade) you come across a depency that tells you that some packages can't have their dependencies unmet, and one of them is kudzu, that depends on a lower version of the kernel than the one FC5 has, then you just have to remove kudzu. If yum whines about it and tries to remove the kernel in the process, force its removal using rpm. FC5 kernel's don't use kudzu anymore, but they don't kill that dependency either. Since you have to remove kudzu, I just hope that the newer kernel boots well, since booting with the FC4 will turn out (I suspect) impossible.

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