TecnoNov 2007


As I've told you before, there's a new technological event in Portugal. TecnoNov is a meeting about technology and inovation that will happen on FNAC - Coimbra - Portugal at the 20th of January 2007, a saturday afternoon full of presentations that will end with a dinner for all participants.

For now, this presentations are confirmed (mine in bold):
  • Octávio Filipe Gonçalves {MagicBrain} - Opening / Linux: A path to produtivity
  • Pedro Simões {MagicBrain} - not defined yet
  • Marcos Marado {SonaeCom IT} - The Fonographic Industry evolution and the dangers of DRM
  • Frederico Oliveira {WeBreakStuff} - not defined yet
  • Pedro Sousa {WeSpendMoney} - WeSpendMoney demo
  • José Silva {Segula Technologies} - Speed up software development using the CakePHP framework

There are still lot's of slots available, so if you want to do a presentation or a demo, please feel free to contact the organization.

The event is free, and I hope I'll see there some of the faces that go to simmilar events, like the less-strict BarCamp or the wide-evolving SHiFT, and hopefully new ones. You can also help by spreading the word about the event!

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