PyTalker v0.1.6

Just to give an heads up to those who might be interested: two days ago I released a new version of PyTalker: 0.1.6. For those who do not know, PyTalker is a free open-source implementation of a talker environment, in the command-driven style of NUTS, and written in Object-Oriented Python.
This version was only about sanatization of some code, and adds nothing new. It was made so the ground base to 0.1.7 is ready. 0.1.7 is going to add SHA-2 encryption, and it is going to be doin the right way. That also means that it will use hashlib, or, in other words, it will only work with Python 2.5 or up.

Who said a talker base was "old stuff" and didn't have big dependences? ;-)

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