Ain't Miss Saint

What: A play

Author: João Borges da Cunha

Stage: Sofia Borges e João Borges da Cunha

Interpretation: Sofia Borges

When: Yesterday night


Ain't Miss Saint is a solo play that I saw yesterday and really liked. It tells an episode of a dialogue between a female pupil and her female teacher, that fantasise themselves mutually, arguing in a power confront - a fight of gender and class.

A pupil argues about the rate of an exam. Standing in front of a table, the teacher's table, the teacher that rated her so badly, the teacher that she calls a master, and Júlia, the pupil protests. And tests him, the master. She doesn't tell why she's here, not before tormenting him, the master.

But behind the table there's no one. Julia is talking towards and empty chair and a table that, pulled by a rope, insists in running from her. And when the table is getting out of scene, Júlia turns into the person who she's arguing with, but it's not a Master... but She's also not Miss Saint.

They'll keep playing, so if you get a chance to see this, I recommend it.


  1. too far away :(
    but it seems really interesting, i miss theatre. there is one swedish and another finnish, here. maybe one day i'll go see something: in fact i am curious about the experience of seeing a play without understanding the language :)

  2. Wow... Now there's an experience I don't know I would be willing to try out...