Marilyn Manson covers

Undercover Songs - Podcast Episode 25 - Marado's Marilyn - Part 3
As you might know if you're a reader of Room 404 - File not Found, a blog where I write about art, I've been doing a series of podcasts for Undercover Songs: a great weekly podcast on covers.

Today has been released the third and final part of this series, about "Marilyn Manson covers". The first number I talked about the early days of Marilyn Manson and presented some less-known covers he made. In the second number I've covered the rest of his career until now, still with less-known covers he did. Finally, today's show was about covers that other bands did on Marilyn Manson songs.

You can get the shows here:

I'm not going to contribute anymore to the Undercover Songs, but I still think that you should give it a try: you'll soon find yourself a regular listener!

Now, if you want to keep track of other podcasts to whom I might contribute, you should also listen to the Contrast Podcast: a weekly show only done with the contribution of listeners, where each week a new theme is defined, and listeners/contributors have a week to fill in for the 60 minutes of the next week's show... You can find there quite a big diversity! I've contributed there some times, but I don't do it since the first of August. Well, that might be changing! ;-)