More on SPA, now on TV

Last week I've covered the most recent actions of SPA, the Portuguese Authorship Society, and criticized them for being lieing to the Portuguese public, using their exposure to get profit, even if it means make life harder to Artists and Music Lovers. But this time they didn't stay with it, and went for more. Yesterday they went to "Sociedade Civil" (Civil Society, in Portuguese), a Portuguese public television program where they are used to raise a debate about some actual social issues like Cancer, Education, Diets... I really think that the choise of the theme, discussing about authorship issues, was good, but I must criticize them not only for choosing the biased title and synopsis, but specially because they only had one side of the coin on it: they had SPA there, but not Portuguese Artists or Portuguese Art lovers!

The title was "Todos podemos ser autores" (we can all be authors), and the synopsis said "todos podemos ser autores, mas ninguém terá interesse em desenvolver essa aptidão se não for devidamente recompensado" (we can all be authors, but no one will have interest in developing that aptitude if he's not to be duly rewarded).

The only good side of all of this show, is that the show has a blog where people can comment the programs, and this is the program that raised more discussion: by now 31 comments where only ONE of them is in favor of SPA (and the arguments dismissed lately, by Yourse Trully). I seriously recommend you to read it and also leave your comment: being a blog from a TV channel maybe the comments will have the kind of exposure needed to show that there's another side to the issue!

Remember: don't hate the media, become the media!