Second Life on Linux (part II)

me on second lifeThree months after my first and frustrated attempt to run Second Life on Linux, and because I read this post talking about the Linux client I've decided to give it another try, since, despite still being an alpha version, now it is 1.12.* and the version I've tried was an 1.11.*. Well, the good news is that it works, out of the box, and I had almost no trouble on running it until getting into the game. But then.. .This is a graphic hell, slowness stops you from being able of making smooth movements (or going from here to there but not elsewhere) and useful social stuff is missing like the other users names: the box where they should be written is there, but the name almost never is. So it means that I really hadn't the chance to tweak my character's avatar and stuff like that. Anyway, here's a screenshot (you can't guess how much time I spent to get such awsome screenshot!).