Yet Another Portuguese Conference

Note: this blog post was written offline, so it completely lacks links. I'm sorry for that...

Wow! 2006 has been a great technologic year for Portugal, IMHO: not only we're seeing some improovements on Portuguese companies and foreign companies doing some investiments here, but we're seeing inovation signs: and one example of that is the number of conference-like events we got in 2006: The 10th EGTI had some talking on Emergent Technologies, for the first time we had a BarCamp in Portugal, a new international conference made in Portugal, SHiFT, was born, we had a Games conference and at this moment a conference on Blogs is happening. But this is not all: I've just got a phone call telling me that yet another Portuguese event will appear, and arrangements are being made for January 2007. It still has no name, only a location and a scope. The event is going to be held on FNAC - Coimbra - Portugal, is going to be spoken in Portuguese, and is aiming at the social aspects of technology, Open Source and freedom. I've been asked (and already accepted) to do a presentation about "The Music Industry evolution and the dangers of DRM". The event will be totally free: you're free to go and attend for free, you're free to go and do a presentation or a live demo of a product, but you'll have to go for free (meaning you're not going to be paid in any way), and, as a matter of fact, I'm just posting this as a "Call For Presentations/Demos". I'm going to talk to several people and invite them to participate, but the invitation is general: if you would like to give a presentation or do a demo, just e-mail me. Just remember that this aims to be something "social": don't get too technical since many of those who're going to attend aren't into the technological world.