First of all, you have to love what Japanese people do with words. Many people ask me about the meaning of "Merankorii". When I ask them to spell it, they notice the resemblance of it with the English work "Melancholy", it's meaning. Transliterations, they call it. In the same way, "Ôdishon" is the Japanese word for "Audition", and I'm writting this to talk about Audition, the South-Korean/Japanese "Horror" movie from 1999.

I really like Asian movies, but there's something in particular in Japanese Horror movies: they aren't that usual trend of "scare me, scare me, scare me, good movie!" but they're usually really deep. You can pick a Japanese horror movie like this one, take all the "horror/terror" parts, and yet keep a great story and plot... So, why horror? Well, basicly because this movies tend to wander around dark or extreme topis, almost like taboos - which makes them suitable not only for great horror movies, but mind-thrilling stories, deep thoughtful ones. It has nothing to do about ghouls, monsters, vampires and such near-to-impossible stuff. There's no monster in the attic, only human relationships, human prespectives, verosimile stories.

But I'm writting this because I want to talk about "Audition", a movie that I saw today for the second time, the first one being for a long time (I think I saw it the first time in 2000 or 2001). I'm not going to ruin the plot, giving some spoilers - I'm just telling you to watch the movie for yourself. This movie is all about human relationships: people knowing each other. It's seen in the prespective of one character (usually as a third person, nut in some frames as the first person). When people pass enough time without human relationships that give them fullfilment, they tend to be much more open to get new ones, sometimes decieving themselves and forgetting or lowering their own standards to fulfill their relationship needs. But what happens when they do that? Will they really meet what they want? "I think... you're wonderfull. I've been looking for someone like you." Or are they decieving themselves?

The movie moves some strings, raises fear, and gives no answers. How do you know someone's the right person for you? Is there anyway of finding out besides taking a risk? And how do we deal with past experiences? How are we suppose to not let them interfere with new ones? You can't do audations to those in your life. You shouldn't even try. You just have to trust your gut feelings... Can you?

"I didn't have anybody to talk with. You are the first to support me... Warmly wrapping me... Trying to understand me... It's hard to forget about."

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