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Buying records

I love the feeling of knowing new music. Really, going to a record store and lurk around for ages, revolving every and any record they have, going to those already with dust, not missing nothing, trying to find out yet another great band that I never heard about, that label that doesn't exist anymore, that CD that someone liked enough to edit but no one liked enough to buy. It's a strange feeling, but the less known the band or the CD is, better is the feeling. You found something really rare, precious. You spend several hours, but you get out of the store with some trophy's. This time was indietronic and neo-classical. Well, and without a great deal of money. I wonder how did I spend 60 Euros in three CD's, ordinal cheap editions. I really like this records, if I was in the same position again I would buy them again, but... none of this CD's is to cost more than 15 Euros. Seriously. And the trend is speeding, this happens more and more time. Without an explanation. When I pay 25 Euros for a double-imported double-CD I don't whine a bit. But these three... Well, that's the way it is.

The conspiracy

BTW, to Portuguese folks: there's a stupid chain-letter going out there criticizing FNAC. I don't even know if the majority of those clains are true or not. But I can tell you that the person who wrote that e-mail didn't have a clue about what he was writting, regarding to music. I buy a big load (more than I should, really) of music every month on FNAC. I'm also client of other stores, both online and offline. And I usually keep track of distributor prices and record labels prices. FNAC isn't expensive for music, in general. As a matter of fact I can give you some cases that FNAC sells CD's cheaper than the record label (it's a quantity issue, obviously). Yes, records at FNAC are expensive, but that's 'cause they're expensive anywhere.

You know you need to move to a bigger place when...

...you have to start piling CD's 'cause you don't have where to put them, and you can't buy more CD shelves 'cause there's no room for it. Looking around, I'm amazed with myself: how can I move around?

Good Music has no colour

For several years now, I have be a victim of stereotipation: "You like heavy metal shit, right?", or "Oh, you must be fan of that Goth-slit-your-wrists band", or "You're satanic, right? Listen to satanic music and stuff like that...". Why? Well, this is basicly caused by the way I look and dress. No, really, those guys tell that without even knowing how much of a music lover I am. Well, let me tell you something: good music has no colour. Yes, I like some brutal death metal acts, as I like to some classic music. By a question of taste, I tend to prefer Doom Metal than Death or Black Metal, and Neo-Classic than Classic. But good music has no coulour. Yes, I like Folk, and rock, and industrial, and that too. Yes, that too. Good Music has no colour.

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