Destruction of precious habitat, air pollution, water pollution, impacts on threatened species – all of these will be the result if the Polish government allows the building of the “Via Baltica” expressway as an international transport corridor to continue on their planned route – without the proper environmental assessments.

Join with OTOP (BirdLife Poland), WWF Poland, CEE Bankwatch Network and thousands of concerned people around the world in a protest against the Polish government, and encourage them to stop flaunting European environmental law, and respect nature and Europe’s outstanding natural heritage (more information about the problem and solutions).

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I am writing to you to express my concerns about the construction of the "Via Baltica" expressway in north-east Poland - a region with irreplaceable wildlife protected within the Natura 2000 network.

In 2004 the Polish Government declared that it would decide the route of the European Transport Corridor I ("Via Baltica") only after conducting a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), but this promise is now being broken as individual sections of road 8 are being upgraded to international standard in advance of the SEA results.

I call on you to stop upgrading parts of road 8 to international expressway standard until the SEA results are available and the least destructive route for the Via Baltica international corridor agreed upon.

Yours sincerely,

Add your name to the e-petition on this website.

Visit photo gallery of endangered species and habitats. The picture in this blog post was taken there...

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