Yup, I know that I'm too boring lately, just with personal stuff, so here's a couple of links for you:

  • IceWeasel is incoming
  • Lift is a conference that is going to happen on February 2007, and I recommend you to take a look on it
  • Here's a comment on an article about Free Software and Politics, nice reading
  • If you think it would be cool to contribute to Debian but it's too hard or time consuming, think again
  • After Sony sucking and EMI sucking here's something about Universal: they are going mad lately and are claiming that owners of mp3 player devices are thieves (oh no, I have a computer, I'm a thief!), and sued MySpace (I don't even like MySpace, but GET REAL!) claiming that they're "encouraging its users to illegally share music and music videos"... Right.
  • It's never too much to bash on Mike from TechCrunch, but it seems he managed to do that to himself
  • Finaly, Debian 4.0 is still on schedule to be released in December, and 4.1 is going to be named "Lenny" (the guy on the picture). More info here.

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