It almost seems that I'm too limited to have a wide range of topics for a conversation, taken from the number of topics that I insist in talking about over and over... One of them is dystopias: I've just sent an e-mail on a mailing list refering one of them... But now I've remembered of a thought I have and that seems not to be shared with others. Typically people consider as "the great 20th century dystopias" works like "1984" and "Brave New World", many times "Fahrenheit 451" and sometimes even "We". I think that all of them are must-read books, my favourite being "We". But then, when talking about movies, the same names arise, talking about the adaptations of this books to the theatres. But what about movies that are not adaptations? With that question people usually think some time and then come out with titles such as "Equilibrium" (that is a nice movie if you never read any of the books I've talked, but that, if you did, you'll it's just a mash-up of those same books, nothing new here) and nothing more (yup, "Blade Runner" is based on a book). "FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions" is a movie I really have to see (it passed almost unknown, but it is a dystopia happening in France) but I'm not very expectant about it since it is rated as 4.1 on IMDB. But no one, no one talks about Metropolis! "We", considered the first dystopian book, was written in 1921 and published in 1924, and it was in 1924 that Metropolis was written. It was released in 1927, and, in all aspects that define a dystopia, I think it can be considered one. Well, agree or not, for me it is not only a dystopia but the best silent movie I've ever saw. Grand. But it seems that I'm the only one...

Please prove me wrong.

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