Microsoft Zune: even non-techies kill the killer!

Microsoft Zune is code-named "the iPod killer", but is it really? Watch CNN on the issue...


  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    This might be slightly unreleated but here's an interesting article comparing the zune and iPod audio quality using frequency analysis. Pretty objective and technical.

    Zune vs iPod - Frequency Respose Analysis

  2. Sorry man, but...

    First of all, you're asking me to take your blog, named "Microsoft Is Awsome" into consideration on facts between a Microsoft product and an Apple one. Sorry, but I'll have to read your post with a mindset that I'm going to read the kind of stuff that Microsoft would write - publicity of their product. Yet, I was kind of surprised about the quality of the article. I mean, besides the judgement values you pass out (understandable if they weren't in a so-called "scientific article"), you have done a really good job compairing the behavious of the two devices. You just fail into one nig issue there: scope. I mean, iPod and Zune aren't exactly HiFi systems, and aren't intended to be. Of course that you know that no digital device can correctly output the square wave, but yes, Zune does it better. But you have to do tests with two more things into consideration (even if I still think the scope is completely flawed): the human ear preception, and, mostly, test the whole flux, which means play real musics. Don't forget encoders and decoders DRM's and stuff like that.