Love and Hate

I hate doing laundry;

I love dancing alone in my room to music that standards say that isn't danceable;

I hate doing a "fresh bed" (changing the bed sheets and all that stuff);

I love sitting back and just watching a candle as it burns;

I hate the feeling of being uselessly spending time;

I love to spend my time with little things that standards consider useless;

I hate when I'm wanting to be already in some other point in space or time, since I can't give value to here and now;

I love being here in my room with hands on keyboard, looking to the front of me and seeing so many ordered CD's and used books;

I hate living here;

I love the cheap minitature and way too imperfect statue I have on the shelf;

I hate simetry;

I love ordered patterns in chaotic systems.

There are no contradictions in those sentences, but at a first glance they all contradict each other.

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