Culture and Masses

It was in 1964 that "Deus e o Diabo na Terra do sol", a Brazilian movie, was released. This movie marks a milestone in the Brazillian history since this was the first openly "new cinema" movie from Brazil, a movie that shows openly political views and social, economic and religious issues. Before that could be possible in countries like Portugal, Glauber, with all the bad things that can be appointed to him, made a Brazilian movie to shout out a call to the Brazilian people. The issue is that the masses are not interested in art or culture: or they are only interested in "canned culture". And now, in 2006, and everywhere, people still watch silly-Bond-movies and Teen-brainless-comedies, but aren't enough open-minded to give movies like this one a try. It seems that people in general just aren't confortable with reminders that they can control their own lifes. It's way easier to let your lifes being controlled by others...

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