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I still feel like crap, and maybe this is not the usual stress, this is more like... anxiety. It's the birthday of a really big friend of mine, Mordor's guitarrist. Happy birthday João! Another good news is that Debian 4.0 (codename etch) Release Candidate 1 is out now. I really feel it is quite ready for instalation and use, but not so ready for an upgrade from 3.1. Today I've filled some bugs but today more are to come. I also think that some issues are lacking the attention they need, like the issues with mozilla-browser (and eclipse) on etch. I really think that the only clean way to fix the mess is to get a seamonkey-browser (or iceape-browser?) into testing before etch, but it seems that there are no big efforts on that. Well, maybe I'm wrong, I queried the people involved with the seamonkey package about it and now I'm just waiting for reply. Today, in hopes of getting somewhat more energetic, I'm writting this while listening to Novembers Doom in their best album (in my oppinion) "Amid It's Hallowed Mirth". Not recomended for those that aren't into Doom Metal. I've finally got myself to get a credit card, despite not being really fond of the idea of having one. So, you'll probably see Merankorii getting more parts and exposure: after all that was the main reason I got myself to get one of this things. Today, while fiddling around etch, I've manage to blow out my Amarok database, so listening digital music on my laptop got back to be much less fun. I've found myself thinking about one of the things that makes me really pissed: hypocrisy. There's an awsome song from the now-deceased awsome grrl rock band "Jack Off Jill", called Hypocrite, that defines it in the best way possible: "A hypocrite is one who deals in deceit, lies and false pretenses - Insincerity is the name of the game - doing one thing and telling others not to do it is a reality for an hypocrite [...]"... Who needs dictionaries when we have artists? I miss being around Nature - no, really. Living in Lisbon has lot's of good stuff inherited, but I miss sitting on the bottom of a tree and see animals running while listening to birds and the wind playing with the leafs... Keeping with the news, Merankorii, my musical project, just got signed! I want to give the news (and details) first on Merankorii's website, so I'll post there before I put this online. So, if you want to know more, go there! I don't like to live where I'm living now, and since February, so I'm thinking all the time in moving. But moving has also inconveniences, so I'm trying to postpone it as much as possible... Let's see how much I will take before I take the inevitable decision. Well, tomorrow is another day... and I want to be with a fresh mind, 'cause there's a lot I have to do. So I'm going to stop writting and just read a little more this awsome book (that I recommend to all of those curious about pagan religions) "Magic and Witchcraft" by Nevill Drury. It goes all from Shamanism to the Technopagans in a impartial and factual tone, that unfortunately lacks in most of the existent literature on the theme. Good night...

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