Stress, et al.

I had a long a boring rant here. Instead, I'm just replacing it with the possibly non-boring parts:

I wanted to see a movie, but not a mind-thrilling one, yet I wouldn't stand to see that stupid teenage nonsense movies crap (yeah, I'm also in an irritant mood), so I decided to see "Children of Men". Maybe it has something to do with my mood, but after all the movie turned out not to be what I expected - while completely biased like any production this big tends to be, I really found the movie to be really good, and I think you should see it (just don't blame me if you don't like it, please). It made me laugh and it made me cry, it had a somewhat coherent story.

Ashram's latest album, "Shining Silver Skies": if you don't know it, you should - go to their website to listen to one track.

Ageists be damned (both anti-young and anti-old), and people who relate age with maturity.

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